The American Dream can be found on the other side of the border. Haitian migrants thank Mexicans, specially Tijuanenses for making them realize that the American dream can be found in Mexico through hard work and open doors. That’s what two Haitian writers want to tell the rest of the world in their new paperback published by BorderlandPress and Amazon.


In this book, ‘Super Survivors: Citizens of the World and Planet Earth – Super Sobrevivientes: Ciudadanos del Mundo y del Planeta Tierra,’ authors and travel writers JC Doyle and Joseph C. narrate the stories of the migrants. These are stories about the resilience of the human body to bear witness to all kinds of trauma along the journey. The migrants quickly realized that once they left their home and their community, they were open to the world. They would be exposed to bandits, thieves, and authorities who added roadblocks to their trek. They would walk days and nights, in the rainy and sunny temperatures, cross over rivers, lakes, and difficult mountains where wild animals and gangs were ready to attack them.


Pay $9.99 for PDF copy via

You can also purchase a PDF copy via Paypal. The purchased copy will be sent to you via email. It is not a paperback. If you want a hard copy, then purchase a paperback copy right here.

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