‘Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears – Ann Pale Kreyòl ak Anglè PlopPlop epi san Dlo nan Je’


Book Review:

Here is a language textbook that is worth being read.

Here is a book for everyone who wants to learn Creole in no time.  “Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears” can help you learn on the go.  It is a textbook designed to help language learners and professionals learn a foreign language.

Bestselling Haitian Creole Textbook, ‘Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook’



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Textbook Review:

Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook is designed to help beginning and intermediate learners of Haitian Creole get the support they need with the grammar, vocabulary, exercises and phonology of the language. The lessons cover various topics such as daily Haitian life, disaster relief language, medical terms, family interactions, community life, shopping, medical care and polite or appropriate communication, schools and church activities.

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