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Zoom Kreyòl: You can learn Haitian Creole in no time on Zoom

Zoom Kreyòl: Nou ka aprann Kreyòl PlopPlop sou Zoom

Zoom Kreyòl: You can learn Haitian Creole in no time on Zoom

Zoom pèmèt ou aprann Kreyòl fasil, Taptap, avèk jwa epi san dlo nan je

Zoom allows you to learn Haitian Creole easily, fast, joyfully and without tears.

Kounye a avèk Zoom, nou ka aprann yon lòt lang, yon nouvo lang.

Now with Zoom, you can learn another language, a new one.

Sa w dwe fè:  Al sou http://JosephJCharles.com kote w’ap jwenn liv ou ka achte.

What to do:  Go to http://josephjcharles.com where you can find textbooks to purchase.

  1. Achte yon kopi / buy a copy of ‘Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears.’
  2. Achte yon kopi / buy a copy of ‘Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Textbook (Learn Haitian Creole Online)
  3. Peye / pay $40 for 1-hour session (40 dola ameriken) pou chak sesyon ki va dure inèdtan. Nou ka peye avèk / you can pay with Vennmo (@JosephJ-Charles), CashApp ($JosephJCharl) oswa avèk Paypal.Me (paypal.me/biz2coachbiz). You can send the payment to @biz2coachbiz
  4. Peye avan chak class oswa chak sesyon!!!! Pay in advance each one of your sessions
  5. Kou w fin peye, m’ap voye yon envitasyon Zoom ba ou pou kòmanse klas la. As soon as you’re done paying, I will send you a Zoom invitation to you so you can start the class.
  6. https://paypal.me/biz2coachbiz?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

Men sit nou ka vizite / here are the sites you can visithttp://josephjcharles.com

ak /and http://haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com

Go to HaitianCreoleMP3 Podcast Directory:

Ps! Si hablan Español y quieren aprender el Kreyol Haitiano, vayan a http://aprenderkreyolhaitiano.blogspot.com/

Compren e usen este libro ‘Learn Creole Very Slowly – Aprendan Creole Despacito – Aprann Kreyòl Toudousman: Please Speak Slowly – Por Favor Hablen Despacio – Veuillez Parler Doucement…”

You can learn Haitian Creole and French on Zoom: Zoom makes learning easy and happy

If you are interested in learning Creole or French, Contact Mr. Joseph Charles below.  Make sure you include your reliable email address.  That’s how you will receive the invitation via Zoom.  First, make sure you are able to pay via Paypal (paypal.me/biz2coachbiz) or @biz2coachbiz;  Venmo (@JosephJ-Charles), or CashApp ($JosephJCharl).

See the previous post.

Learn Haitian Creole or French on Zoom: Zoom helps you learn a new language

Get a copy of ‘Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Textbook (Learn Haitian Creole Online) from Amazon.com:  Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Textbook (Learn Haitian Creole Online) from Amazon.com

Purchase a copy of ‘Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears‘ from Amazon.com.

First purchase one or both of these books.  You will pay $40 per 1-hour session.  You can pay with Venmo (@JosephJ-Charles), CashApp ($JosephJCharl), and PayPal (paypal.me/biz2coachbiz)

Other books by Prof. Joseph Charles you may be interested in:


Purchase a copy of this bestselling poetry book.  Get your own copy from Amazon.com





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Trauma Writing: Migrants tell their story of survival, grief, misery, loss, and hope in ‘Super Survivors: Citizens of the World…’ book

The American Dream can be found on the other side of the border. Haitian migrants thank Mexicans, specially Tijuanenses for making them realize that the American dream can be found in Mexico through hard work and open doors. That’s what two Haitian writers want to tell the rest of the world in their new paperback published by BorderlandPress and Amazon.


In this book, ‘Super Survivors: Citizens of the World and Planet Earth – Super Sobrevivientes: Ciudadanos del Mundo y del Planeta Tierra,’ authors and travel writers JC Doyle and Joseph C. narrate the stories of the migrants. These are stories about the resilience of the human body to bear witness to all kinds of trauma along the journey. The migrants quickly realized that once they left their home and their community, they were open to the world. They would be exposed to bandits, thieves, and authorities who added roadblocks to their trek. They would walk days and nights, in the rainy and sunny temperatures, cross over rivers, lakes, and difficult mountains where wild animals and gangs were ready to attack them.


Pay $9.99 for PDF copy via Paypal.com

You can also purchase a PDF copy via Paypal. The purchased copy will be sent to you via email. It is not a paperback. If you want a hard copy, then purchase a paperback copy right here.

My top Kindle and Paperback books and ebooks


Here are the top Kindle and Paperback books and ebooks:

1. California: a Breath of Fresh Air…(Paperback)

2. California: a Breath of Fresh Air…..(Kindle)

3. The Last Dance Performance on the Volcano (Paperback)

4. The Last Dance Performance on the Volcano...(Kindle)

5. Purchase a paperback copy of The Last Dance Performance on the Volcano at (Barnes and Noble)

Purchase your own copy of ‘California: a Breath of Fresh Air…’ on Amazon.com

Purchase your copy of ‘The Last Dance Performance…’ on Amazon.com now

‘Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears – Ann Pale Kreyòl ak Anglè PlopPlop epi san Dlo nan Je’


Book Review:

Here is a language textbook that is worth being read.

Here is a book for everyone who wants to learn Creole in no time.  “Let’s Speak Haitian Creole and English in no Time and without Tears” can help you learn on the go.  It is a textbook designed to help language learners and professionals learn a foreign language.

Bestselling Haitian Creole Textbook, ‘Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook’



You can buy this textbook on amazon.com

Textbook Review:

Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook is designed to help beginning and intermediate learners of Haitian Creole get the support they need with the grammar, vocabulary, exercises and phonology of the language. The lessons cover various topics such as daily Haitian life, disaster relief language, medical terms, family interactions, community life, shopping, medical care and polite or appropriate communication, schools and church activities.

Get the Kindle copy right here.

Get the paperback copy of the textbook right here.

Find additional textbooks in English, Spanish, French, and Creole right here.



Find the Paperback of ‘California Blossoms and Harvest Delights’




California Blossoms and Harvest Delights deals with this expansive, rich and fertile landscape in a way that readers will quickly recognize the important landmarks, features and attributes of the Golden state. It pinpoints areas of appreciation and highlights important cultural contributions and activities of the various ethnic and minority groups forming this new frontier, Central California. “Our hills and farmland are blooming with new houses and commercial buildings bordering fields of grazing cows.” This is an uplifting and thought-provoking work.

Here are the links to the paperback of the “California Blossoms and Harvest Delights:”

Find a perfect-bound paperback copy of ‘California Blossoms and Harvest Delights’ right on this site.

Find a Kindle copy of ‘California Blooms, Blossoms, and Harvest Delights’Vignettes from Big Sur and Pacific Coast Highway on Amazon.com.

Find a Kindle copy of the ‘Long Lost Garden of Eden‘ on Amazon.com.

Find a Kindle copy of ‘Roadside Memorials from California to Florida: John Steinbeck’s Special Markers, Blinking Billboards and Fruit Stands…’ on Amazon.com



French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers! Ça va? Ça va très bien, merci

French for beginners and intermediate students!

French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers can help you learn French. Oui, tout est possible si vous voulez apprendre cette belle langue.  Allons-y!


French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers: Salut, Bonjour, Bonsoir, Merci, Au revoir! was written to help you conquer your fear of one of the most beautiful languages of the world. It is designed to meet your travel and education needs. It provides you with the right set of vocabulary, pronunciation, and explanations you need to fully study Moliere’s language. This textbook comes equipped with a corresponding podcast and a related blog that provide you with ongoing support pertaining to pronunciation and explanations of cultural facts, artifacts, and more difficult verb patterns. In this book, you will find cultural notes, rules of thumb to avoid major faux-pas, and lots of exercises to help you have mastery over key language nuances, patterns, structure, and phraseology.

Los Verbos y Las Palabras para Aprender el Creole Haitiano – Verbs and Vocabulary to Learn Haitian Creole


This book/ebook was written to help bilingual English and Spanish speakers learn Haitian Creole. If you wanted to have a list of the Creole verbs and words with related explanation of grammar rules, then this book is for you. (Este libro fue escrito para los de habla espanola que quieren una lista de los verbos y de las palabras de Creole. Este libro les da explicacion de las reglas de gramatica del Creole.)

Find the new Spanish/English/French/Creole textbook on Amazon now.


Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook


Sa’k Pase? N’ap Boule Learn Haitian Creole Textbook is designed to help beginning and intermediate learners of Haitian Creole get the support they need with the grammar, vocabulary, exercises and phonology of the language. The lessons cover various topics such as daily Haitian life, disaster relief language, medical terms, family interactions, community life, shopping, medical care and polite or appropriate communication, schools and church activities.

Way before the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, I had been working on a textbook I could use to teach Creole to my 3 kids.  Then, the quake occurred.  I ended up using it to teach Haitian culture and languages to other people who wanted to travel and visit Haiti.

Lili, Lala, and Lila Are Looking for a Servant Girl Named Tifani Restavèk After the 2010 Quake


Here is the paperback version of ‘Lili, Lala, and Lila Are Looking for …Tifani R.’

Here is the eBook/PDF version of ‘Lili, Lala, and Lila are Looking for…Tifani R…’

 You can buy ‘Lili, Lala, and Lila are looking for Tifany after the Quake’ on Amazon.com


Three adventurous and well-off Haitian girls, Lili, Lala, and Lila set out to rescue a servant girl named Tifani Restavèk from a mean neighbor family who mistreats her and makes her do all kinds of forced labor while their own children, especially KansonFè IronPants, tease her while watching her work her heart out in the stifling Caribbean sun.

These three girls go to private catholic schools in Port-au-Prince. Way before the quake that hit Haiti, the three girls devise a plan to start reading stories to Tifani while she stands by the fence. They want to teach her to read and write.

In general, Restavèks (servant boys and girls whose parents cannot take care of them and were economically forced to let them go live with well-off city dwellers) do not expect to be treated well and go to school. Will these girls ever even get close to Tifani to tell her about their rescue plans? Will Tifani ever know an easy life? Did she survive the quake and its aftershocks?  A miracle would have to happen first.

****Above is the picture of one of the three girls looking for Tifani R.****



You can support Caribbean LitHub this way here.

Caribbean LitHub is a storytelling, literacy and writing project of ‘Writing and Teaching Biz2coachBiz.’


Learn Creole very Slowly – Aprendan Creole Haitiano Despacito – Aprann Kreyòl Toudousman….

Este libro de texto existe para ayudar a todos los qua hablan Español.  Contiene vocabulario e expresiones idiomáticas para ayudar a los agricultores, trabajadores de campo y de la construcción, constructores, comerciantes, maestros, profesores, agentes de policía, taxistas, conductors de trenes y de autobús, misioneros, embajadores, camareros, baristas, pilotos y azafatas… a todos Ustedes.  Pueden encontrar episodios de leccion gratis en este podcast, http://haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com.


Here is where you can find the paperback.  You can find the Kindle version here.  Find its paperback on BarnesandNoble.com.  You can also purchase a Nook version of this textbook.

This textbook will help you learn 4 languages. If you are interested in learning one of these languages while while working in Latin America, then this textbook is for you.  It is a useful textbook for Spanish speakers who want to learn French, Creole, and English.  By the same token, Spanish speakers in Chile, DR or Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America can use it to learn the two languages spoken by Haitian migrants, immigrants, workers, and diplomats.  This textbook provides the language learners with idiomatic expressions and vocabulary in four languages.  It is a thick textbook of 335 pages of important resources and information. This textbook is dedicated to all the Central, North, and South Americans, Spanish-speaking Dominicans of Haitian descent, and to all Haitians living not only in Haiti but also in DR, Chile, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, and the US. The vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and explanations provided by this textbook will help travelers, tourists, short-term and long-term missionaries, foreign students, business people, ambassadors, Chargés d’affaires, and healthcare professionals learn and understand the structure of the above languages and culture.  With the migration of people from the Caribbean region, Asia, Africa to other parts of the New and Old worlds, communication needs and language acquisition have become very important.  



Mr. Charles is the author of several books and textbooks.  He writes in Spanish, French, English, and Haitian Creole.  Some of his writings are published on various sites including Barnes and Noble or BN.com and Amazon.com 

He has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and teaches business at the State Center Community College District, SCCCD or Reedley College.  He also teaches French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole to business people, missionaries, students, diplomats, charges d’affaires, international agencies, corporate lawyers, adoptive parents etc.

Mr. Charles is a father of three kids who love to travel and embrace new cultures.  Through his free lesson classes, he has students all over the world.  He uses English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole as his teaching tools.

If you want to learn any of the above languages, feel free to contact him.  Write to him on this site. He can teach you Haitian Creole, French, Spanish, and English via Skype.

Mr. Charles is also a published poet.  He has several poetry collections you can appreciate.  Here are some of them:  ‘The Long Lost Garden of Eden’, ‘California Bloom, Blossoms, and Harvest Delights’, ‘The last Dance Performance on the Volcano’, ‘California Blossoms and Harvest Delights’, and ‘Young Man, Go West’.